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Capsicin patch placement

Capsaicin is a substance derived from the plant of the Capsicum Solanaceae family, known to the general public as chilli, with painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties. It comes in the form of a patch , which is placed on the skin of the affected area by the doctor's specialist and remains for one hour.

The drug is quickly absorbed into the skin and essentially what it does is stop the stimulation of the pain nerve receptors located in the skin, thus blocking the transfer of the painful stimulus to the brain, which we experience as pain.

Its main indication is peripheral neuropathic pain of any kind - pain that comes from nerve damage. Such conditions include metherpathic neuralgia, post-operative pain, phantom limb pain, back pain, cancer pain, etc., while its action is also being studied for diabetic neuropathy. Its absorption from the body's circulation is minimal, and at first the patient may feel a burning sensation which is transient. Its action lasts for three months.

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